projects in development & short films

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 feature script - romantic comedy

 When you’ve had two dream marriages, choosing your eternal soulmate in heaven is one hell of a dilemma. 


  • Quarterfinalist Shore Scripts (highest ranked rom-com)
  • Top-5 in Australian Writers Guild: Romantic Comedy competition (with The Rosie Project)
  • Developed with the assistance of Film Victoria

Looking for Kenny Campbell


  feature script - comedy/drama 

A brother and sister hitchhike through the Scottish Highlands, chasing the myth of Kenny Campbell, and find they are only crazy on the outside, inside they’re insane.

  • Inspired by true events
  • First-draft script



feature treatment - thriller


When Yeren ZENG releases her highly controversial augmented reality game, K_DNAP, it unleashes a public frenzy, the kidnapping of a celebrity’s daughter and Zeng’s 15yo baby brother.

  • zeitgeist themes
  • franchise/TV series potential 
  • game and social media extensions

Caravans for Refugees (short comedy)

 The Australian Senate has just passed legislation which subsidises caravans into suburban backyards for the community assimilation of refugees and the end of detention centres. Helen Kapalos provides an exclusive report on this controversial government policy and discovers there are many benefits... or angles... 

Writer/director: Jim Shomos

Sidekick (short comedy)

 In most stories there are four character archetypes, in writer Mac's imagination there's anarchy... (a peak into the crazy stuff that goes on in a writer's mind) 

Writers: Jim Shomos & Brendan Luno 

Director: Jim Shomos  


Jim creates a safe environment in which all the creative bodies in the room are free to throw ideas on the table and play with the possibilities. Of course, he then gently reigns in what works for his greater vision. But that space to explore and brainstorm is a big part of the joy of being an actor. Thank you, Jim! 

 Louise Crawford – Actor, one of the stars of Sidekick 

I’ve consulted with a LOT of writers, and quite a few producers and studio executives. To find one who is good with story is a blessing. But to find someone like Jim Shomos who understands story, is hugely supportive of collaborators, AND is a highly skilled movie maker is very rare. Jim is simply a joy to work with. 

Michael Hauge, Hollywood script consultant, lecturer, and author of best-sellers ‘Writing Screenplays That Sell’ and ‘Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds’: